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Who is behind Catalyst:

Glow is the research platform and data partner for the program. Brands support the program contributing questions and by sharing the results of the research to stimulate conversation and action.

Why is Glow doing this?

Glow was established to democratise access to consumer research and insights. This program is a way to further that mission whilst helping to address the fundamental social and environmental challenges that our society faces today. 

How do I join the program as a supporter?

Use the following online link to register your organisation:

Make sure you have the right to represent your organisation or brand when you register. 

Can I ask private questions that only I can see?

All Catalyst data is publicly accessible to Supporters. You can create private questions that only you can see but you will need the Glow team to create a private account for you through which this type of research can be conducted.

I have subscribed as a program Supporter. What is the advantage of becoming a program Partner?

Whilst all Supporters can contribute questions into the pool, those questions are subject to review for relevance and suitability for asking in any wave. Therefore, Supporter questions may not be asked immediately or in some cases, at all.  Partners are guaranteed inclusion of their questions so can control what they ask and when to suit their own insight and reporting cycles. 

Program Questions.



How does Glow source respondents?

Glow’s respondents are sourced from a number of high-quality panel providers that specialise in recruiting respondents using online and offline methods that ensure representativeness.

These panels are incentivised online panels that reward people for completing surveys.

Dynata is one of Glow’s most frequently used panel providers. Dynata is a member of several professional associations around the world, including Australia’s Research Society. More information about Dynata’s processes and procedures can be found here:

Cint is another one of Glow’s panel providers. Information about Cint’s processes and procedures can be found here:

How does Glow ensure data quality?

Each of Glow’s panel partners undertake their own strict data quality assurance processes including adherence to research industry best practice guidelines along with other measures such as ISO accreditation.  Glow also has its own 3 stage quality assurance protocols, including in-built platform QA, pre-fieldwork human quality assurance and post-fieldwork data compliance checks ensure all responses meet criteria.

Glow is also a full member of The Research Society and adheres to industry standards and best practices.

Where is the data hosted?

Data collected by Glow is hosted in Australia. Glow uses Amazon Web Services for its data centres and AWS are ISO certified (ISO 27001).

How does Glow ensure samples are representative?

Online research via consumer panels established for this  purpose has become the research industry norm as fewer and fewer people have a home phone and as internet access has become widespread.

Glow’s panel partners recruit respondents using online and offline methodologies in order to ensure their panels represent population characteristics.

Industry professional associations such as The Research Society dictate industry best practices that guide the way in which these panels are managed and respondents incentivised.

Our range of sources competes with probabilistically recruited panels in terms of quality and representation at around 30% of the cost and twice as fast. 

Our blend of sources are relied on by the world’s leading governments and organisations to make important CAPEX and policy decisions, and our reputation relies on quality to get robust quality, fast. 

Most panellists are ‘double opt in’, and receive modest rewards from partners for participation (eg AMEX, Flybuys).

However, all surveys are an approximation of census distributions and all surveying methodologies have their strengths and weaknesses. One of our panel partners Dynata has published a useful explanation of online research representativeness which provides further information:

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