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Success in Mergers & Acquisitions.

Uncertainty brings opportunity.

Few would disagree that this year will be another year of uncertainty and widespread change – but it’s also one of great opportunity. With ample potential in the deals market, we are thrilled to present an agile market research solution to support teams in their pursuit of successful new mergers, acquisitions and business partnerships.

Our intuitive platform makes it easy to conduct robust market analysis and discover best fit in these changing times. And crucially, in recognition of the time critical nature of many opportunities, Glow has been built to empower fast-pace research and accelerate access to vital commercial insights.

Many of our valued clients have used Glow to rapidly gain a deeper understanding of marketplaces, white space and competitive landscapes that surround potential deals, leading to even more fruitful outcomes. We invite you to contact our dedicated team of experts to explore how Glow can help your deals achieve the great successes they deserve in the year ahead.

Confidence at the speed of now.

Rapid speed to insights

Glow’s integrated platform supported by insights experts ensures you can define, field and gather data in real-time to power your recommendations. Glow works around the clock so you don’t have to. It’s advisory, accelerated.

Access to over 100 million consumers

From our regional offices in the UK, Australia and Hong Kong, Glow opens a gateway to over 100 million consumers and 6 million businesses across all global markets via our broad network of high-quality panel suppliers.

Made for deals discovery

Our experienced team of insights experts are on hand to help you unleash the power of Glow and deliver quality project outcomes. On time, every time.

Your dedicated deals discovery team.

Oscar Mora
Head of Growth

Oscar is Glow’s Head of Growth and leads our team of Deals specialists. An enthusiastic and passionate researcher, backed by 15 years of experience, Oscar has critical skills in business expansion and execution in the insights, analytics and technology industry across Australia, Europe and the Americas.

Raita Tochinai
Operations Director

Raita has vast experience in managing Deals projects for multiple advisory firms at Glow, and previously at Dynata and Lucid. Raita is responsible for the smooth running of your projects, making sure the appropriate solution is set in place for elegant execution and successful delivery.

Manny Marasigan
Account Manager

Manny is a client-centric consultant with over 5 years’ experience across the market research industry and hands-on expertise along the full spectrum of research methodologies and cutting-edge SaaS platforms. He is proactive, personable, a brilliant communicator and an effective troubleshooter.

Leadership and advisory.

Tim Clover
Glow CEO

Previously lead Director in PwC’s Deals Analytics team, Tim established a number of new data insights services, joining data sets to build investment cases and in turn reducing decision risk through the deals lifecycle. Tim brings a practical and commercial lens to the field of analytics, breaking from tradition and challenging the status quo.

Chris Brown
Glow Chairman

As a corporate advisor, Chris has been involved in the telecoms, media, and tech sector for more than 20 years, as an executive and/or Director with Barings, Baring Brothers Burrows, Merrill Lynch, Rothschild Australia and Investec. Chris has also held major advisory roles (including Due Diligence chair roles) in deals with Telstra, Sensis, Telecom NZ and more.

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