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New survey confirms changed consumer priorities – Australian-made matters more

AUSTRALIA, 6 October 2020 –  According to a consumer survey released today by market research technology platform Glow, more than 80 percent of Australians are more likely to purchase Australian-made products – a conscious choice in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Tim Clover, CEO of Glow, who commissioned the short term study to derive changes in consumer sentiment, said, “While many of us may have been preoccupied with the pandemic in recent months, the move into warmer months may be a precursor to another calamitous fire season, and more than 80 percent of respondents considered climate change to be an important issue today.”

Some 70 percent of Glow respondents cited food and drink products as being the most important category when it came to buying local, although Australian made apparel and footwear, and homewares and furnishings, are also favoured by almost three-quarters of those surveyed.

“These results confirm what pundits have been predicting – a shift from global shopping to purchasing behaviours supporting home-grown and even hyper local producers which challenger brands and small businesses can leverage in the coming months,” concluded Clover.

Australian Made Campaign Chief Executive, Ben Lazzaro, said, “Australian consumers have always had a preference for buying Australian products, this has been heightened in recent months. When you buy Australian made and grown you know what you are getting—products grown in our clean, green environment and made to the highest of manufacturing standards. At the same time, you are pumping money back into the economy, creating jobs, strengthen local industries and supporting local communities. It’s been a tough year for some of our Australian manufacturers and growers, rallying behind these businesses is essentially one of the most Australian things we can do. We encourage consumers to exercise their preference for buying Australian and look for the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo to be sure it’s a genuine Aussie.”

Off the wish list for quite some time are overseas holidays, with nearly 70 percent of respondents in agreement with the Morrison Government’s overseas travel ban staying in place until April 2021. Displaying considerable caution, just over half of the participants were planning to wait a further 12 months after the international ban is lifted before venturing abroad.

Of the Aussies planning a holiday in the next four months (around 40 percent of us), more than 60 percent intend to travel locally within their home state.  Just 24 percent aim to cross borders.  

Once overseas holidays are possible again, it looks like New Zealand will be the big winner – 40 percent of us are thinking of heading to the land of the long white cloud. Interestingly, only six percent of us will be bound for Bali.

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Research Methodology: 

Data is based on a sample of 1023 Australians aged 18 years of age and over.  The survey was conducted 4 – 5 October 2020, targeting a representative sample based on current census data.

Where the responses do not add up to exactly 100%, differing by +/- 1%, this could be due to rounding.