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Shopping online for food is a new behaviour that will endure

According to a consumer study conducted by research firm Glow, the UK’s new digital grocery shopping habits will likely be here to stay. A survey conducted over the weekend provided insight into how the UK’s attitudes towards shopping have shifted. Glow found that 60 percent of respondents intend to continue shopping for groceries online once the pandemic is over. This may be due to the ease of finding a grocery delivery time slot —  35 percent of survey respondents stated that selecting an online grocery delivery time slot has been easy to navigate despite the update of online shopping.

Tim Clover, CEO of Glow, commissioned the short term study to gain real time insight into the UK’s changing habits. He stated, “In a post-covid world, it will be fascinating to find out whether shoppers return to in-store grocery shopping — or if new online grocery shopping patterns will stick around long term. With efficient delivery systems recently implemented by many stores, customers are seeing major ease of use, and it appears increasingly likely this shift will be here to stay.”

Clover, through Glow, commissioned the study through a rapid-pace short-term Omnibus survey, covering a range of topics and changes the UK faces today. The survey was sent out on Friday, October 9, with nationally representative results delivered the following Monday.

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Research Methodology: 

Data is based on a sample of 1031 United Kingdom residents aged 18 years of age and over.  The survey was conducted 9-11 October 2020, targeting a representative sample based on current census data. Where the responses do not add up to exactly 100%, differing by +/- 1%, this could be due to rounding. A sample size of 1031 will have a margin of error of  +/- 3%.