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Majority of Australians support Rudd’s Australian media petition

A national survey launched by research platform Glow found majority support for Kevin Rudd’s petition calling for a Royal Commission to ensure diverse Australian media. The survey found 59 percent of respondents in support of the petition, and 12 percent against. 29 percent of respondents were unsure or undecided. 

In a recent ABC interview, Rudd stated, “Democracy is under threat, and that is why I called for this Royal Commission.” Australians deserve access to impartial news reports delivered from a diverse source of reliable, accurate and independent news outlets.

Metro and rural respondents across Australia were aligned closely on the topic, with 59 percent of metro respondents in support of the petition, and 58 percent of rural respondents in support of Rudds proposed investigation.

The petition, calling for a Royal Commission to investigate threats to diversity in the Australian media landscape, has been signed by more than 400,000 people. 

Currently, NewsLtd Media represents some 60 to 70 per cent ownership of total print readership across the country. The recently consolidated ownership of Nine Entertainment Co. with Fairfax Media aligns print media such as The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age with network Nine broadcast channels under one ownership banner.  

According to Mr. Rudd, the domination of media ownership is a threat to media diversity in Australia, hindering impartial reporting. Rudd’s petition aims to combat this: “Concentration of media [ownership] which represents a fundamental challenge to the future of our [Australian] democracy,” stated Rudd.

Glow’s rapid pace survey on this topic was conducted in October 2020 and captured responses from more than 1000 respondents. This sample offers nationally representative results. Glow is a data research and analytics firm with the central goal of delivering rapid response insights.

Research Methodology: 

Study Overview: The Australian Media Ownership rapid poll was developed by research platform Glow. It measures the levels of support for Kevin Rudd’s petition calling for a Royal Commission to ensure a strong, diverse Australian news media

Fieldwork: The study was conducted online using the Glow research platform on 22-25 October 2020. 

Sample composition: Data is based on a sample of 1042 Australians aged 18 years of age and over sourced from Dynata, the world’s foremost consumer panel provider.

Sample size: 1042 has a margin of error of  +/- 3%. Where the responses do not add up to exactly 100%, differing by +/- 1%, this could be due to rounding.

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