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Survey of Rashford’s #EndChildFoodPoverty Initiative Shows Positive Response

According to a recent survey conducted by research platform Glow, Marcus Rashford’s petition to end child food poverty has gained favourable response with the public. The survey showed that 64 percent of people support Rashford’s cause. Additionally, 37 percent of respondents aware of the program are in support of this cause being funded by taxes.

The petition, which has been signed by over one million people since its creation on October 14, 2020, calls for the implementation of three methods to reduce food insecurity, including expanded access to free school meals, holiday hunger initiatives, and increased value to the Healthy Start scheme. The petition will continue to collect signatures until April 14, 2021. 

Awareness of the initiative is high, with 49 percent of respondents aware of the hashtag ‘#EndChildFoodPoverty’. However, 65 percent of respondents are not aware of any business or outlet that is currently offering free meals to children, suggesting some good deeds may be going unnoticed.

19 percent of respondents stated they opposed, or strongly opposed, the scheme. 

As noted by Daily Mail, Rashford has seen much public praise for his tireless campaigning in recent weeks. Importantly, Rashford reminds Britons that not all those in support of the cause will have access to the internet, nor an easily accessible method of signing the petition.

If you have a hungry child near you, take a look at the list of these businesses on Rashford’s Twitter account supporting free meals: @marcusrashford.

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