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Case Study: Gatorade’s in-market testing

gatorade and glow

Popular sports drink brand Gatorade used the Glow platform to gain insight into the current state of consumer awareness of a new product. Read on to learn how they did it.

The challenge: Below expectation sales

After a new Gatorade product was activated in all major retailers, feedback was needed to deliver information into the brand’s post-launch review cycle. 

Product sales were not performing as expected, but the brand did not know why. Information was required about awareness of the new product, as well as usage from shoppers with the product in hand to understand where the issue lay: with the product or its positioning and communications.

The solution: Two audiences, two surveys 

The solution was twofold, and two separate surveys were prepared. The first survey was prepared to capture robust data from respondents who had the product in hand, through the use of stickering links. A second survey was prepared to deliver product awareness information from shoppers in the sports drink category.

The outcome: Discovering the why behind underperformance

Over four weeks, more than 1,600 survey responses were captured from both target audience groups. The brand captured important feedback about usage, and demonstrated that awareness was indeed being delivered through activation activity. Through digging deeper into perceptions amongst current users Gatorade was able to adjust the communications around the product to drive stronger appeal. 

The review: Lighting the path to innovation

“Without Glow, our innovation team would have been completely in the dark about why this new product family wasn’t delivering expected results. We learned quickly and managed to take our retail partners on a journey using data.” – Marketing Director, Gatorade