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How to support innovation with Glow

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Challenger brands and their agencies have long since been the innovators of the consumer product world. Now, more than ever, speed is important. We only need to look to changes in online shopping, food preferences, home delivery, and even our choices of toilet paper as a result of COVID to see that many categories are being significantly disrupted.

Glow’s fast-paced market research platform arms consumer brands with the real-time, robust tools needed to launch or evolve your products and services in an ever-changing market.

Read on to learn how you can use the Glow platform to support product innovation. It’s time to conquer your category in ways never done before.

Uncover opportunities to create new categories

At the heart of true innovation is being the first to create, develop, and fulfil the needs of a new product category. Brands can use the Glow platform for consumer research to easily identify whitespace in existing product markets, and uncover valuable opportunities to create entirely new product categories. The data that enables this forward-thinking viewpoint powers product innovation.

Follow trends at the speed of change

Consumer behaviour and attitudes are shifting quickly, and with that comes the emergence of new behaviour in unexpected categories. Within the past year, we’ve seen home-delivery toilet paper take households by storm, hard seltzers rise through the alcoholic beverages space, and loungewear companies skyrocket to the top. On the other hand, some industries have been hit hard in a negative way — think luggage and travel companies, party stores, and formal apparel brands.

With Glow, you can track and gain insight into the changing shape of your category, so that you can ensure your product still fits the needs of consumers. It’s never been quicker to keep up with, and remain one step ahead of, changing behaviour in your industry.

Understand the why behind product results

Innovative products require detailed tracking and testing to become a proven, long term success. Before you launch a product, the Glow platform enables you to test products, concepts, and advertising campaigns in front of your target audience, so you can gain an in-depth understanding of what will work — and reduce risk. 

In addition, once the product has hit the market, the Glow platform enables teams to validate the live product by getting valuable feedback from the target market, including gathering insights from customers who have the product in-hand. This ensures the experience your audience is receiving matches what you were intending.

For example, Gatorade used the Glow platform to conduct in-market testing for a new product family that was underperforming. The data captured demonstrated why the unexpected results were occurring, and informed product and marketing teams about which steps were necessary to correct the issue. Click here to learn more.

Use brand tracking to keep a finger on the pulse

Once you’ve launched a new product, the Glow platform remains an important part of the innovation toolkit. Glow’s brand tracking investigates all brand health vital signs, including reputation, awareness, equity, position and delivery, for reliable insights into the ROI of your marketing.

Brand tracking through the Glow platform is easy to set up and lightning fast to deploy, so you can keep a close eye on the health of your brand.

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