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Case Study: Superspeed survey translation with Zenith Media

The challenge: Consumer behaviour across the globe

Zenith Media, an Australian full-service media strategy, planning and buying agency, required insights to understand consumer travel behaviour in UK & China markets. This included travel destinations of choice, travel intentions, and attitudes towards travel and tourism. 

As the survey was designed in English, Zenith Media required a quick-turnaround translation option to deploy the study to Chinese respondents. With Glow’s in-platform instant translation feature, Zenith Media had the tools on hand to translate, sense check and deploy the study in Mandarin in rapid time.

The solution: Instant translation feature for quick deployment

After designing the Category & Audience Behaviour study in English within the platform, Zenith Media made use of Glow’s one-click instant translation feature to create a copy instantly in Mandarin. This could then be sense checked and edited in-platform by native speakers to ensure the nuance of the questioning remained true to intentions. 

Leveraging this unique time saving feature, along with other insight accelerants like the question templates, real-time data visualisation and click-to-play analytics, sped up the whole research and reporting process. 

The outcome: Travel intentions translated 

Given the rapidly changing dynamics of the global travel market, up to date data is critical for business planning.  

Zenith Media was able to leverage Glow’s on-demand insights capabilities to design, deploy, adjust (including language translation) and analyse consumer travel intentions across two critical markets for their client in days not weeks.  

This ensured they could kick-start an important client project, armed with robust, up-to-date data to inform their planning. 

To learn more about Glow’s instant language translation capability click here.

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