Catalyst Community – Terms.

This page sets out the basis for participation as a member (“Community Member”) of the Catalyst Program. Catalyst is managed by Engagement Innovation Pty Ltd (“Glow”), a global research and technology company based in Melbourne, Australia.


Catalyst is a research-based insight program, fuelled by the questions, collaboration and networks of its Community.

It seeks to stimulate understanding, insight and conversation about the ways people, companies and government can make positive change to support a better, healthier, more inclusive world. 

Each and every Community Member acknowledges their responsibility to do this. 

How we play.

  • We acknowledge that no business is perfect, and we all live in glass houses.
  • We respect that every business is at different stages in developing and deploying its own CSR or ESG strategies. 
  • We agree to treat every Member with equal respect – we are in this together.
  • We believe that any and every effort to create change is better than none.
  • We agree to use this data for good, not for greenwashing. This is not a PR exercise.

Participation types.

  • Everyone who joins the Program as an individual or a company joins in our free Community Membership tier (“Supporters”).
  • Supporters who wish to increase their resource commitments to fund the program may apply to do so on a paid basis (“Partners”). The fees generated by members in the Partner tier will be used only to increase Glow’s allocation of its internal and external resources to the Catalyst Program.
  • The Catalyst team reserves the right to assess applications for its Partner tier applications on a case by case basis. For more information about becoming a Partner, please contact us once you’ve joined the program as a Supporter.

Ok, now the fun bit, making a commitment.  

GLOW commits to:

Capturing and sharing real opinions every month – a nationally representative sample of at least 1,000 adults having their say about topics that matter.  

A level playing field

All Community Members will be notified of published findings and content at the same time each month ahead of general publication. Partners may receive access to data and news through early releases if/as applicable.

Supporter Questions

Supporters are invited to submit questions to support the development of new insight around the topics covered by Catalyst. Glow will review these questions and, where selected, compile them into the research in each cycle. Glow may not be able to include questions that have been submitted due to survey length constraints but commits to including at least 10 Supporter questions in every market in which Catalyst operates each cycle. Supporter questions will be assessed based on a number of factors including uniqueness (non-duplication) and potential contribution to the issue at hand.

Partner Questions – Guaranteed Submissions

Partners are invited to actively contribute questions on behalf of their employees, members and networks on a regular basis. Partners are guaranteed an allocation of questions as part of their membership. Partners are provided access to the data for online and offline analysis immediately it’s been captured. Partners may elect to share the data from their research questions with the Catalyst Community to enhance knowledge, outcomes and innovations in their industry.

Regular content releases

Glow will publish and share bite-sized content on a regular basis. Supporters will receive access to public content (as defined by the Catalyst program team), Partners will receive access to the full data set.

Access to data

All Catalyst Supporters will be entitled to access aspects of the data, findings, analysis and insights on a regular basis. All questions and data relating to Catalyst will be published online in line with the Catalyst data release schedule.

Partner forums

Catalyst Partner networking and knowledge sharing forums will be arranged on a regular basis. These forums will allow Partners to discuss and promote how they have been using Catalyst, along with other public and proprietary data, to support the exploration and development of new and existing initiatives and solutions.

Catalyst reports

Catalyst will publish and promote regular reports detailing the findings, actions and initiatives relating to issues and industries. Community Members addressing challenges with action may be highlighted in these reports – you will be contacted in advance where we plan to feature the progress you (or your industry) has been making.

Community Members commit to:

Community Members commit on a ‘best efforts’ basis to:

Share Catalyst Content

You are encouraged to follow and share Catalyst content on the various social media channels that have been prepared to support this program. We will email you a list of ways you can get involved once you’ve registered as a Member through our online form here.

Email subscription

On joining Catalyst you will be added to the Catalyst newsletter(s) through which we will communicate program news, insights and progress to the Community. You agree to be added to this mailing list so that we can share the latest Catalyst content with you (you can unsubscribe at any time).

Being a catalyst with Catalyst

To build Catalyst’s impact we encourage you to share our mission with others you know. To talk to us about how you can help us grow our collective impact, please email the team at

Using Glow’s technology

Catalyst’s research and insights program will be delivered using a number of online and offline systems, including Glow’s research technology platform (website). This allows us to create surveys, gather responses and analyse and publish data. You agree to our published Terms of Use and Privacy Policy when using Glow’s website(s) and related systems.

BOTH of us agree to:

Brand usage

  • Glow may (but is not required to) reference you (or your business) as a ‘Community Member’, ‘Supporter’ or ‘Partner’ of the Catalyst program in communications about the program or in related marketing material
  • Partner logos will be featured on the Catalyst website for the duration of their Term as a partner (see below) within reason. Partners agree to:
    • Provide an up to date logo and company name at the time of joining as a Partner
    • Promptly inform the Catalyst team of any changes to your logo or brand relating to our website(s), channels and media. We will endeavour to refresh your logo on our website(s) and content on a best efforts basis.
  • You may reference Catalyst and its content on your website, social media and other marketing communications and content. When you do so, you agree to use the Catalyst logo and/or mark supplied to you when you join.
  • We may add each other’s brand to our website(s) and use them in digital communications directly related to the data produced by this program.
  • We may not associate each other’s brands with brand-related opinions or insights without express permission to do so.

Leaving the program

  • You can leave the program at any time if you wish to. For Supporters and general Community Members, simply click ‘unsubscribe’ on your email communications and you will be automatically removed from further communications. For Partners, please email us at and we will arrange for you to be removed from our various systems within 14 days. Catalyst accepts no responsibility for editing or removing published content that has been produced and approved before the date on which you provided notice that you wished to leave the program.
  • No Refunds. Catalyst may provide partial refunds for Partners leaving the Program at its absolute discretion. We’ll be sorry to see you leave but your contribution will continue to allow us to make a difference
  • We may unregister you from the program if you:
    • Are in clear and deliberate breach of the terms of this charter
    • Cause deliberate reputational damage to the brand of Glow, Catalyst or other program members.
  • In the event of you leaving the program, we both agree to remove each other’s brands from any marketing collateral such as website(s) and digital assets immediately.
  • Leaving the program is not a crime. We won’t announce it or communicate it to other program Supporters.

Partners – Additional Terms:

Partners – Contract Term

The default duration (“Term”) of Partner Membership is 12 months – unless agreed in writing separately from these terms. The start date for the first Term (“Initial Term”) is marked by the date on the Partner Membership invoice you receive.

Partners – Pricing and Renewals

Prospective partners can apply to join the Partner tier of the Catalyst Community by emailing through which we’ll arrange to introduce you to the program, gather information and assess your application. Should we have capacity to add you as a Partner, and if you agree to these Terms, you’ll be added as a Partner once you accept the quote we will send to you. Partner pricing varies based on time of year, question allocations, service levels, mutual commitments and other factors.

Partner memberships will automatically roll (“Rollover”) to a new 12 month term at the end of each term unless we have received a written request from an authorised representative to terminate your Partner status at least 30 days before the end of any Term.

The Terms set out here constitute the whole agreement between Glow and Catalyst Members relating the Catalyst Program and its associated operations. Any separate commercial agreements you enter into with Glow or its associated entities in related or unrelated projects, programs or studies will be governed by separate terms and agreement(s).

Acting in good faith.

Members agree to cooperate in good faith to help us achieve the objectives of this program. For more information, please contact us at