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Why become a Catalyst Partner?

The catalyst program is an open-source program that is producing important data for our community in areas that desperately need further exploration. The program was designed on the basis of transparency, open data and access to insights for everyone who needs them.

A number of our early supporters contacted us to ask how they could provide more support through their resources, technologies, audiences and funds. We carefully considered how they (and other organisations) could provide support and funding for the program in a way that didn’t interfere with our core research framework but allowed them access to the data and provided recognition for their support. We have captured this below in the distinction between supporter and partner benefits. 

If your organisation would like to make more of an impact then contact us about becoming a Catalyst Partner today. We can explain the benefits in one 30 minute virtual meeting. 

Partner Benefits.

Partners benefit from a range of program features that help them explore, lead and drive outcomes using the data produced.

Partnership costs $9,000 per year and includes an allocation of Partner defined questions (minimum 12 per year) in addition to comprehensive data access – over 12,000 survey responses, early data release, interactive dashboard –  along with co-branding and marketing opportunities.      

catalyst partner benefits

Lead on the issues that matter the most.

"...We all need to do our part in reducing our impact on the environment and Catalyst will help us provide some valuable consumer insights to our clients which in turn businesses can use to set their ESG strategies and plans.."
John Allan
John Allan
CEO, Sensis
(owner of Yellow Pages)
"“...More than ever, consumers are looking to support businesses that align with their values and are helping to solve big environmental and social problems. Partnering with Catalyst is an opportunity to understand and amplify the unmet needs of consumers that businesses like ours can work to help solve.”
Simon Griffiths
Simon Griffiths
CEO & co-founder, Who Gives A Crap
"“Understanding how consumers are responding to these fundamental social and environmental challenges provides vital context for the insights we provide to our clients. The Catalyst program is helping us help them lead the way through relevant, timely data and insights. But perhaps even more than that, it’s an opportunity to give back and support a great initiative that is shining a light on what is important to the community."
Lisa Lewers
Lisa Lewers
CEO, Lewers Research

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