Powerful features, simple to use.

To make insights actionable you need to conduct research quickly, analyse it effectively and share it effortlessly. Our smart platform makes survey design, deployment, analysis and sharing simple.

Our smart platform.

Build your survey.

Smart research tech  streamlines and simplifies the process of research, so you can save time.

Reach global audiences.

Mainstream or niche, consumer or B2B, we connect with multiple high quality sources to ensure you can access any audience you need.  

Analyse your insights.

Real-time interactive dashboards and built in controls ensure it is easy to analyse, share and store your data.

Build your survey.

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Multiple Question types.

More than 7 different question types including Single choice, multiple choice, matrix (grid), rank, open text, Net promoter score (NPS), Social Responsibility Score (SRS) and more.


Survey kits.

Pre-built question sets for specific uses such as Brand Tracking or Concept Testing that speed up survey build whilst ensuring quality.


Build your library.

Build your library of questions; copy from one survey to the next to save time and ensure consistency.



Route respondents through your survey by using their answers to provide alternative paths and lines of questioning.


Instant language translation.

Use the in-built translation tool to convert an English language draft of your survey into over 30 languages in seconds. Then get your in-market experts or translators to review and edit in-platform to save time and cost.


Qualifying questions.

Set up qualifying questions to ensure that only respondents who select your qualifying answer(s) will be shown the rest of your survey.



Experience what your audience will see with our 100% mobile friendly survey previews. Check for errors, test logic and share with stakeholders to ensure everyone is aligned before go-live.


Export your Survey.

Build your survey draft then export it into Word to enable stakeholders to easily collaborate on survey refinement.

Reach global audiences.



Get into field faster with presets. Sample a nationally representative sample with just one click. Or customise and save your own audience specifications to reload the same selection next survey.


Quality Assured.

Multiple automated system checks combined with manual data review ensure the quality of respondent data.


Multiple Panels.

Glow connects with multiple high quality panel providers all around the world to ensure you can find whatever audience you need.  

Analyse your insights.


Real-time interactive dashboard.

See your data live and analyse it easily with one click interrogation. Filter to see how opinions differ across sub-groups like demographics or respondent answers. Use results breakdowns (crosstabs) to split results by demographic profiles.


Own your IP.

Build your knowledge & IP by housing all your survey data in one platform. Learn across surveys and over time. Control access for internal stakeholders and external partners such as agencies.


Export your results.

Want to see the raw data? Export as a CSV file for integration into your own BI tools. Or share graphs or PPT publicly or privately. Your data – built to share.  


Data confidence.

Gain confidence in your hypotheses with statistical significance shown on all charts. 

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