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Glow, the best Qualtrics alternative for brands and agencies

Qualtrics alternative for Marketing

You may have heard of research technology business Qualtrics, which is a publicly listed business worth over $16Bn. Qualtrics’ growth and success has been driven by helping brands undertake research to improve the experiences they provide prospects, customers and employees. Qualtrics has helped shake up the research sector by making research more accessible and actionable, particularly for larger businesses. 

What you may not know is that there are a number of alternatives to Qualtrics that can be easier to use and more affordable.  Glow is one example of an alternative research business that is making it easier, faster and more affordable for businesses of all sizes to conduct consumer research. Glow is a real-time market research platform, which provides quick answers and insights at your fingertips, so marketers and insights professionals can get clear direction and measure impact of programs using data you can trust.

Glow has implemented a number of features that enable marketers and insights leaders to get hands-on with their target audience. Read on to learn why Glow is the perfect fit for insights teams, marketers, communications professionals, media agencies, and advertising agencies of all sizes — no research experience required, as Glow is designed for ease of use and supported by experts.


Every audience you need

Glow’s data-agnostic approach ensures you can access the best audience for your insights. 

Whether you need B2B or B2C respondents, our real-time API integration with multiple data providers ensures you can get quality responses from over 100 million people in more than 64 countries around the world. 


Automation to uncover the story quickly

A range of elements in the Glow platform simplify the research process and accelerate the speed to insight:

  • survey kits and question templates
  • process automation 
  • instant language translation 
  • real-time data visualisation and 
  • one-click analysis
  • simple data sharing
Faster time to insights

One of the key benefits of the platform is the ability to visualise and analyse responses in real-time, enabling you to craft and understand the story behind the data, even before full results are in. This allows your team to make use of responses in hours or days, not weeks, because we know time is always of the essence. 


Glow platform's ability to visualise and analyse responses in real-time


The speed of Glow’s platform is particularly helpful for gauging changes in consumer behaviour, testing messaging before campaign launches (like Reckitt) or helping agencies craft unique approaches for new business pitches (like Carat).


Insights experts on hand

Whilst Glow’s platform is naturally intuitive, there are often times when you want a bit of help to ensure you get the outcomes you need. Our research experts can help support your survey design,  data collection and analysis needs. They’re there when you need them to ensure you get data you can act on fast. 


High quality data

Glow’s data quality assurance processes, including multiple layers of automation along with human assessment, ensure your data can be trusted to support the important business decisions you need to make. 


Qualtrics vs Glow: Which one should brands and agencies use?

Glow was specifically designed with insights professionals, marketers and agencies in mind, and it’s the best Qualtrics alternative when you have agile, iterative research needs and want the flexibility to pay as you use. Read on for a comparison.


Ease of Use


Learn within minutes, rather than days and lean on expert support when you need it

 Designed for non-researchers (but powerful enough to satisfy the needs of research professionals) Glow’s guided workflow makes set-up, data collection and analysis easy from the outset. 

 Glow’s intuitive UI ensures you can quickly access and easily interrogate the data, share it with colleagues or export it for more sophisticated analysis.


  • Highly sophisticated functionality which requires extensive onboarding to understand how to use and is better suited to more experienced research professionals.


Use Cases


 Category & Audience Behaviour: Take a deep dive into the minds of your target audience – how they feel, shop and appreciate the category – so you can create distinctive experiences.

 Brand Health: Fast and affordable brand tracking that investigates all vital signs so you can get reliable insights into the health of your brand.

 Concept testing – test product/service or advertising concepts with your target audience at super-speed. Load your mocks or creative and get feedback at scale so you can optimise your investment pre-launch.

 Campaign Effectiveness: Validate the ROI of your marketing efforts by assessing campaign effectiveness based on outcomes, not outputs.

Client Pitches: Agencies use Glow to quickly reveal target audience attitudes and behaviour, or size up the market while identifying competitors and key players.


  • Customer and employee experience
  • Product analysis
  • Sophisticated enterprise surveys


Expert Support


 Beginner friendly, with experts on hand if you need support. 

 The Glow platform is easy to learn and understand through an initial 30-minute introduction with our team of research experts. 


  • Qualtrics offers a full-service Market Research Agency offering as well as customer support for self-managed use of the platform.




 Get started straight away.

 No lock-in contracts. Cancel anytime.

 Plan + Responses = The cost to use Glow

 Responses: Pay based on the number & duration of the responses you’ve collected.


  • Offers a free plan when sending to your own audience.
  • When sourcing an audience for you, Qualtrics offers Market Research Agency-style custom pricing.
  • Overall, fees are higher reflecting their highly sophisticated solution.


Glow, the best Qualtrics alternative for marketers

Glow is crafted for any brand or marcomms agency that needs high quality insights fast, but wants to remain in control of their data. The Glow platform is easy to use and supported by a research team with marketing and communications experience. 

When comparing Glow and Qualtrics, many marketers, communications professionals, and media and advertising agencies use Glow as an alternative because Glow is super-fast, makes it easy to gather and interrogate consumer data without needing specialist research knowledge and is very affordable. 

With no lock-in contracts, it’s easy to give Glow a try for your next project. 


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