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Research made agile: Insights at the speed of now

Speed of Insights - Agile Research

Over the past two years, we’ve seen consumer behaviour changing at rapid speed as a result of the broad impacts of COVID-19 on our economic, social and cultural way of being  — and it hasn’t slowed down yet. 

Where international travel was once a favourite choice, we saw it replaced in an instant by domestic tourism (and in some months, replaced by no travel at all) — but now we see a resurgence in international tourism as borders start to open. We’ve seen a massive shift to ecommerce across a range of categories, and blended click-and-collect models springing up all over the place. Grocery stores were swept clean of pantry staples by soon-to-be master bread bakers, and at-home fitness equipment was in high demand. Loungewear topped the sales charts, and new hobbies were adopted each day.

In fact, it remains to be seen whether ‘normality’ will ever return or whether the ‘new normal’ is simply a new state of continuous change. Whatever the reality, it is clear that brands need to take a different tack to stay up with the pace of changing consumer behaviour to ensure they don’t get left behind or miss emerging opportunities.  

In this environment understanding consumer behaviour requires a more dynamic approach to market research; you might even say an agile one. That’s where agile SAAS+ platforms   like Glow can help, by providing actionable insights to support rapid decision making.


How does Glow make market research 3x faster?

Glow is a best-in-class online research platform that enables better decision making, fast. How do we do it? We’ve automated and streamlined the process of research through our all-in-one platform for survey design, deployment, and analysis, which we power through access to high quality panels of respondents from all over the world. And if you want it, we provide service on-demand from our research experts. Combined you get quality research three times as fast as traditional market research, without the hassle. Read on, and we’ll show you how.

  • Design and Scripting

Glow’s in-platform survey design features enable start-to-finish survey scripting within minutes. Question templates and survey kits are on-hand to speed up survey development, while extra features like instant language translation make multi-market studies a breeze. And once you’ve built it, you can easily test it by ‘previewing’ your survey and sharing with others with one click. 

  • Deployment and Data Collection

Once ready to deploy, you can easily set any required targeting or quotas and then activate immediate access to over 100M+ people all around the world through our seamless integration with multiple high-quality panels. After your survey is launched, watch the Glow dashboard for access to real-time results as they’re gathered, enabling your team to learn as the data flows in.

  • Interrogation and Analysis

Through simple visualisation the data gathered through the Glow platform is easy to understand at a glance. Data interrogation can be performed through click-to-interrogate analysis, with options to filter or cross-tab results quickly and easily. The result is actionable insights, fast.

  • Sharing and Reporting

Bring your team along through the process with Glow’s collaborative capabilities, or simply share when you’re done. Export results in multiple formats through just one click, whether you’re sharing all survey results, or answers to specific questions. Share as raw data, visual charts, or a bundled Powerpoint deck with ease. No matter how you choose to share the insights with key stakeholders, Glow makes it easy to do with one-click — because better data makes for better business decisions.

  • Pay Only for What You’ve Used

Glow is priced for convenience. Our simple pricing model pairs a base fee for software costs with pay-as-you-go data, ensuring there are no barriers to rapid onboarding and usage. And for high volume research users our Enterprise packages ensure both value and support every time. 


How should you use Glow’s agile research capabilities?

Media agencies, consumer brands, market research agencies and advisory firms use Glow’s rapid-pace research capabilities in many ways. When it comes to getting data you can trust for for your important business decisions, Glow is perfectly paired to the following use cases:

  • Stay up-to-date in your category: When you use Glow to run a quick-turnaround audience behaviour study, you’ll reap the benefits of an up-to-date deep dive into the minds of your target audience. Refresh your understanding of your category in real time, and identify competitive threats and emerging trends in consumer behaviour — and stay one step ahead at all times. Click here to learn how footwear brand Shoes of Prey did just that to help inform their relaunch strategy. And how Gatorade evolved their approach for a product already in-market when it wasn’t going to plan.

  • Active short term management of brand health: Use Glow’s fast data collection capabilities for brand tracking, ensuring you keep a real-time eye on brand health vital signs, including reputation, awareness, equity, position and delivery, for reliable insights into the ROI of your marketing. Brand tracking with Glow is easy to set up and lightning fast to deploy. Learn how Atomic 212 uses Glow for agile brand tracking.

  • Fast-turnaround insights for new business pitches: Ad agencies know that getting an edge in the pitch process starts with understanding your target audience. And that means your client’s real prospects, not just standard industry buyer definitions. That’s why many agencies use Glow to arm themselves with unique data to inform their strategies and differentiate their response. Click here to see an example of how media agency Carat used Glow to power up their pitch process.

  • Quickly test new communications or concepts: The cost of getting a launch wrong can be huge, in lost time, resources and investment. Glow can help by quickly AND robustly testing product and ad concepts, messaging or actual campaigns in front of your target audience, before you fully commit. By investing in testing, you can validate your confidence or get direction for optimising your investment so that impact is maximised when you launch at scale. Learn how Reckitt’s brand Enfa used Glow to refine messaging for its key infant brand across multiple markets.

Let’s Glow

It’s clear that speed to insights is more important than ever. Glow is a winning solution for businesses seeking a quick-turn market research platform that is both powerful and easy to use. 

Get your hands on agile insights, and gain answers fast to the decisions that’ll help your business grow. Book an intro with our experts to learn more.