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What is Concept Testing

Concept Testing with Glow

So, you have a big idea that you want to share with the world? The smartest thing you can do is make sure you’ve nailed it before proceeding to the next step.

In a nutshell, concept testing is the process of running an idea for a new product or service by your target market to see what they think of it. By getting valuable feedback before going to market, you can iron out the kinks in your concept and ensure it’s going to be a hit with your key audience.

The “concept” in concept testing can be a number of elements. It could be just the idea of the product or service, but if you are more advanced in development it can include elements such as your product name and logo, advertising ideas, the website experience or even the packaging for your new product.

When done well, concept testing answers questions like these:

  • Is this product or service appealing?
  • Who will buy this product or service? 
  • Does our [website/brochure] explain the product/service well enough? 
  • Are we pricing it right? 
  • Are our call to actions enticing enough?

What is a concept testing survey?

A survey is the actual mechanism for how brands or individuals get feedback on their concept. Using an intuitive and rapid-paced insights platform like Glow, you can test multiple concepts and assess them against different target demographics using questionnaires that are as simple or sophisticated as you like.

Expose your target audience to different overarching concepts, product messaging, logo designs, or pricing structures, for example. The results of the survey will shed light on the viability of your idea, or reveal which concept is received better and by who, when compared side-by-side.

Concept testing surveys are a quick, engaging and accurate way to figure out what your target market wants.

Why bother with concept testing?

Short answer? Because different ideas appeal to different people.

Concept testing can help you land on the perfect product to meet your audience’s needs. It will help you figure out which of your product concepts appeal to which markets, and how to target those markets through tailored messaging. It helps you avoid making mistakes in your messaging and advertising, and it equips you with invaluable data for actionable insights.

Did you know that 70% of customers abandon purchases due to a bad user experience, while 62% of customers claim they share bad experiences with their peers?

Concept testing can rid your user experience of any flaws or faults before going public. And finally, it can help team members get their colleagues on-board with an idea by proving its viability with your target market upfront. 

Make better decisions fast, with Glow.

Eager to identify appetites, uncover product-market fit and prove concepts before they hit the market? Glow lets you save time and resources, while arming your business with the confidence to invest.

Whether you represent a consumer brand or market research agency; Glow can help you remove the guesswork in product and service development. 

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